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Door Buster Alarm

Home Protection is on The Horizon

Provides effective home security that is very affordable,
convenient to apply and operate

If you live alone and you are worried about your front door getting bustedDeadBolt2kicked in or having a burglary while you are fast asleep at night then this Door Buster Alarm is for you.

Now, this is what your deadbolt looks like after someone has broken into your home.
It took just seconds to get in. 

Watch the video above as we show you the alternative. How a 76 years old women can do it. All she does is put the Door Buster Alarm underneath the door, gently put it in place, put on the alarm, turn on the button, and there you have it.

All set to go, complete protection.




Henderson Chamber of Commerce
Henderson’s first Start Tank October 31, 2017

The second-place finisher was Jim Smith, who was inspired after he had two break-ins at his home. The intruders kicked in his front and back doors, he said. Smith’s DoorBuster Alarm is a three-legged device placed underneath a doorknob that can help prevent the door from being kicked in by a would-be intruder.  It also has an alarm that goes off if any pressure is placed on the door.


“We had an average of 40 to as many as 62 break-ins here in the city of Henderson on a weekly basis,” said Smith, a statistician. “I just wanted to try to do something about it.”

Purpose and Features
of the Door Buster Alarm

The Door Buster Alarm:

1) Provides effective home security that is very affordable, convenient to apply and operate

2) Secures a door in its closed position with a structurally-sound tripod that attaches to the knob collar, and which prevents opening of the door by force and even by force upon the surrounding doorjamb. An included battery-operated alarm sounds should any force be applied upon the door, as well

3) Features a tripod and a bracket at the top merging point of that tripod that fits within the collar of a door knob

4) Can protect homes, businesses and other structures from forcible entry

5) Withstands common forcible entry methods used in burglaries

6) Provides protection that exceeds the functionality of other security devices such as deadbolts and door chains, etc.

7) Activates an included, high decibel range audio alarm should any outside force be applied upon a door, ensuring that its users can be woken from sleep

8) Is not reliant on utility service for its function, even in the event of a power outage, filling a gaping hole in other home alarm services and particular

9) Provides protection even if burglars sever the power source to a using home or business

10) Has no fee for installation and no subsequent costs of operation

11) Is very easy to place and remove for use (e.g. for emergency exit) and can be moved to various locations for use, unlike other security devices

12) Allows users to exit a home through the garage after application upon other entry doors, without fear of burglary in their absence

13) Allows users to rest comfortably and easily inside their homes without fear of unwanted and unauthorized entry during their presence

14) Can be applied to doors of various dwellings including but not limited to houses, apartments, condos, dormitories (peace of mind for parents sending their children off to college!), and hotel/motel rooms

Easy To Use

Door Buster Alarm

Award Winning

Dead Bolt After A Break In